Additional pronunciation recognized for 김밥 gimbap

Recently, the Great Dictionary of Standard Korean (표준국어대사전), the de facto arbiter of Standard Korean usage, has revised its entry for 김밥 gimbap so that the common pronunciation as [ɡ̊iːm.pap] featuring fortition of the initial consonant of the second element is also recognized as standard, next to [ɡ̊iːm.bap] which was previously considered the only correct pronunciation.

You can read more about this change on the kkeutsori blog: ‘Two pronunciations now accepted for “gimbap”‘.

The Food and Drink page of the Korean pronunciation dictionary on this site has been updated accordingly. Previously, the common pronunciation [ɡ̊iːm.pap] was marked as discouraged with the down arrow (), but this has been removed.


  • 김밥[김ː-] gimbap (seaweed and rice rolls) RR: gimbap MR: kimbap /ɡiːm=bab, ↓ɡiːmʔ=bap → ↓ɡiːm.pap/ [ɡ̊iːm.bap, ↓ɡ̊iːm.pap]


  • 김밥[김ː-/김ː빱] gimbap (seaweed and rice rolls) RR: gimbap MR: kimbap /ɡiːm=bab, ɡiːmʔ=bap → ɡiːm.pap/ [ɡ̊iːm.bap, ɡ̊iːm.pap]

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